Thursday, August 12, 2004

Marty Gets Another One Right

Grading on a ‘curve’ saves Bush
Connection between Bushisms and Bush policy apparent only to Bush-bashers
So far, though, the connection between these Bushisms and Bush policy is apparent only to Bush-bashers. This may be because things aren’t going quite badly enough on the Bush watch. If the economy were unmistakably tanking, and the administration were in chaos, more voters people might see a competence issue.

It’s like the Monica Lewinsky deal: If things had been going badly for the country back then, Bill Clinton’s critics would have gotten a good hearing for this: “Well, what do expect, when the president is spending his time?” As it was, though, nobody want to listen to their gripes.

If Bush’s communication snafus cause him any political problems, they are undone when he acknowledges them and pokes fun at himself. People love that kind of schtick coming from a president. Even Democrats laugh with him.

Sometimes, as has often been noted, he even seems to be helped by his reputation, because in most appearances he doesn’t say anything that strikes people as all that ludicrous. He benefits from being misunderestimated, kind of like John Kerry gets a star every time he isn’t ponderous and boring.
Marty, I take back some of the nasty things I've said about've earned it. This time...


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