Monday, August 09, 2004

DDN on Gay Marriage Debate

In response to this editorial, I have the following to say:

The gay marriage activists knew EXACTLY what they were doing. The Massachusetts Supreme Court knew EXACTLY what they were doing. San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsome knew EXACTLY what he was doing. They were all pushing an agenda and it is time for those who support the traditional family to insert themselves into the debate.

Don't bother pontificating to me that judicial activism isn't the threat that it has been painted to be; it is EXACTLY the threat it has been colored. This whole thing got started by an activist court engaging in legislating from the bench.

And don't bother telling me that Ohio is safe from judicial activism because conservatives are well represented. This isn't just about Ohio, the Full Faith and Credit Clause comes into play here. What happens in San Francisco and Massachusetts affects what happens in Ohio and indeed around the nation.

The activists weren't content to have the debate, so why should those who seek to ban gay marriage?

The editorial asks what if we change our minds? I respond, what if we don't? By then it will be too late, Pandora's box will have already been opened. Once rights are granted, they can't be taken away; and one wonders if that isn't why the liberal establishment is playing the "Why Rush?" game. They know it will happen, in time, if the people let it happen.


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