Thursday, August 12, 2004

Swift Vets Strike Nerve at DDN

I don't recall reading an editorial condemning Michael Moore and DNC Chairman Terry McAwful for accusing President Bush of being AWOL and a deserter.

They are, however, condeming the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

The perpetrators of the ad are questioning the validity of four out of five of Sen. Kerry’s medals. This is the old lawyer’s tactic of just throwing up everything and hoping something sticks. It is not to be taken seriously.
Which is sort of like the exact same tactics being employed by the Left with charges of HALLIBURTON! and AWOL...
Anybody who doesn’t recognize all this as mere opportunistic, after-the-fact political spin has not been paying attention to the way politics is conducted these days. it for the judge...or the ombudsman.
President George W. Bush has separated himself from the ad, but has not denounced it. It is partially funded by one of his supporters. is supported by a LOT of Kerry supporters, George Soros for one. Has the Dayton Daily News suggested that Kerry denounce ANY of their ads? Not that I can recall.
Today Vice President Dick Cheney is to address veterans in Dayton. It would be a great time for him to stand up for what is right and say the ad is an abomination.
Same question with Mr. Edwards and Again, not that I can recall.

Partisan bias in the media? Shocking...

These men have as much right as and ACT do to speak their mind and try to influence the American people. As usual, liberals only like free speech when it suits their needs.

Never mind that the Swift Vets have already gotten a victory out of all this. John Kerry had to admit he lied about "Christmas in Cambodia" and how much longer will the "Magic Hat" story hold water? If you don't know what either of those stories are, you should read the Swift Vets website and/or radio guy Hugh Hewitts blog.


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