Friday, February 04, 2005

'Major Development' in Erica Baker Case

From ONN/WHIO-tv
A major development in the disappearance of Erica Baker was announced Friday when the Montgomery County prosecutor’s office said an indictment was made in the case.

The Kettering girl disappeared almost six years ago. Investigators said Baker was walking her dog near the Kettering Recreation Center when she suddenly vanished.

Charges have been filed against 33-year-old Christian Gabriel for gross abuse of a corpse and for tampering with evidence. Authorities said they do not exactly what his involvement in Baker’s disappearance was, but believe he may have been the driver of a van that struck Baker near the rec center.

Investigators said that is a theory that has been going around for quite some time.

Now, authorities said Gabriel was in prison on an unrelated charge, but was brought to Dayton and questioned in the case late last year. They said Gabriel was one of 10 witnesses that testified before a private grand jury.
It would be good to get some closure on this story...we had all hoped she would be found alive but after all this time...


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