Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Justice Alice Resnick Arrested After Driving Under The Influence

From NewsNet5:
A state Supreme Court justice was arrested and charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence after several motorists called to report an erratic driver on an interstate.

Justice Alice Robie Resnick also was charged with driving outside marked lines, a minor misdemeanor.

Lt. Rick Zwayer, a State Highway Patrol spokesman, said Resnick, 65, of Toledo, was pulled over on I-75 south of Bowling Green. He said she failed field sobriety tests and was arrested at 2:02 p.m. Monday in Wood County in northwest Ohio.
Resnick's driver's license was automatically suspended because she refused to take a blood-alcohol content test, Zwayer said.

Court officials said there is no automatic disciplinary action when a judge is charged with driving under the influence.

Resnick has been a justice since 1989 and is the court's only Democrat. The court was scheduled to be in session Tuesday.
As Al Gore would say, "Justice Resnick ought to resign IMMEDIATELY!" Or something like that...

2/4 Update

Resnick will NOT face additional charges...just the DUI. (story via ONN):
A northwest Ohio prosecutor says he won't pursue any additional charges against Ohio Supreme Court Justice Alice Robie Resnick.

Bowling Green prosecutor Matt Reger had been considering whether to charge Resnick with failing to comply with a law enforcement officer's order after she drove away from officers.
Any guesses what party this prosecuter is affiliated with? Just asking...


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