Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The Sunshine Convention

If the editorial board ever bothered to actually speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about John Kerry and the Democrats, their readership would be MUCH more informed. But alas, we get this:
He wants them to talk about what the party wants to do for the country, not about what awful excuses for human beings the speakers think Republicans are. Accentuate the positive.

Actually, it’s not advice, unless you consider the old Kremlin’s input to Pravda to have been advice. It’s The Word.

The Kerry dictum is the latest nail in the coffin of the notion of a national convention as a place where people of diverse views come together to hammer something out. It is now a place were people of identical political interests come together to hammer away, whether positively or negatively.
The problem is, nobody bothered to listen to him or Terry McAwful. The Bush-bashing carries on...just without mentioning his name. What happened to talking about what the Dems were going to do for (to) us? What happened to keeping it positive?

Last night was not full of flowers and smiles. It certainly was not positive campaigning. Granted it wasn't the frothy venom that we all were expecting, but Howard Dean sure isn't pleased.
Sen. Kerry has concluded that there is no longer any point in trashing President George W. Bush for his alleged incompetence or lies or slavish devotion to the oil industry and the wealthy or whatever. The Kerry campaign, for the moment anyway, has decided that people who haven’t bought that caricature yet aren’t going to buy it, and the time has come to try a different pitch on the few remaining undecided voters. For some of those, the most virulent caricatures of the president just make the Democrats look bad, perhaps worse than their target.
What was that about Pravda?

I think middle America sees right through all this nonsense and will vote accordingly.


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